COMMERCIAL Installations

Invest in your business with a commercial solar power system. Going solar has never been more affordable!

Financial Security

With a solar power system, your energy costs will remain about the same for roughly the next 25 years! Before we complete your commercial installation, we can calculate your estimated yearly and monthly costs, making you less dependent on ever-increasing utility prices. With the wide array of tax incentives for businesses, installing a solar power system is an excellent investment in your business!

Tax Credits

Our commercial clients can earn up to 30% of the total cost system back in federal tax credits. With the cost of solar power systems 70% less than they were a few years ago, and costs are continuing to drop. There is no better time to start saving money! See our Benefits of Solar page to learn our top 10 reasons to choose a solar power system for your business.

Commercial solar power system on a business at South 6th Street, Louisville, KY
Commercial solar power installation on a business at Hamburg Pike, Jeffersonville, IN

Environmentally Friendly

Solar power is an environmentally friendly alternative energy solution. Solar panels converting energy from the sun into clean, free electricity. By installing solar power on your home, you’ll prevent many tons of carbon dioxide from polluting the atmosphere over the lifetime of your system.

Long-Term Energy Solution

Your solar power system is a stable, long-term energy solution. Solar panels will continue to generate electricity for 30-40 years. In fact, no one knows when a solar panel stops working because it hasn’t happened yet!

Louisville, Kentucky

We installed a 75 kW commercial solar power system on this business in Louisville, Kentucky.

Jeffersonville, Indiana

We installed a 90 kW commercial solar power system on this business in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Jeffersonville, Indiana

We installed a 9.9 kW 30-Panel Commercial Solar Power System on this business in Jeffersonville, Indiana.