3 Reasons to Switch to Solar Power Now

Solar power has never been more affordable or available.

Here are 3 Reasons to Switch to Solar Power Now!

#1 Financial Security

Going solar can save you hundreds of dollars each year. With a solar power system, you can power your home or business with free, renewable electricity created using the sun’s energy. Switching to solar power can help you lower or even completely eliminate your electric bill.

Imagine knowing what your monthly utility cost will be for the next 25 years. No rate hikes, no surprise winter heating or summer cooling bills. Financial security is just one of the many benefits of switching to solar power – here are our Top 10 Benefits of Solar Power!


#2 Tax Credits

Not only will you save money on electric bills, but you can save 30% off the total cost of your solar power system. If you’re a business owner, there has never been a better time to switch to solar power. There are many tax credits and rebates available for commercial installations that make switching to solar power a smart investment. Businesses can depreciate up to 85% of the cost of a solar power system over six years against tax liabilities. Talk to your tax professional to see how this incentive impacts your business.

Whether you’re interested in a solar power system for your home or business, we will work with you to make sure you get the maximum savings possible through federal tax credits and state and local rebates.

#3 Net Metering

Net metering laws in Kentucky and Indiana allow excess electricity your solar power system creates to be sold back to the utility company at the same rate you purchase it. This means that when your system is producing a lot of excess electricity (like during the summer when it’s sunny more often), the unused electricity is stored on the grid and the utility company will credit your account. Then, those credits are used to purchase electricity when your system doesn’t produce as much.

However, these laws will be changing soon. Utility companies will begin to pay less for the excess electricity created by residential and commercial solar power systems. If you act now, you can be grandfathered in under the current rates! Read Net Metering Explained to learn more about net metering in Kentucky and Indiana.


Act Now To Save

The market for solar energy in the U.S. has never been stronger! Solar is currently the world’s fastest-growing energy source. Solar power is more readily available to households and businesses than ever before. The solar power boom has brought big savings in the form of tax credits, rebates, grants, and net metering. But these savings won’t be around for long!

The federal tax credit will continue to drop each year. Net metering rates will continue to drop each year. The best time to get a solar power system is right now, while you can get the maximum benefit from the savings programs currently available.

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