Commercial Solar Power Tax Incentives

Commercial Solar Power installations

Have you considered investing in your business with solar power? Solar power can provide financial stability and long-term savings that will benefit your business for years to come!

Commercial Tax Incentives

Commercial solar power tax incentives have never been better! The current federal corporate tax plan includes two provisions that benefit commercial solar power installations.

The first is a reduction in the corporate tax rate and the second increases depreciation allowances for solar power installations. This federal tax plan applies across the United States, so it is expected to boost commercial solar installations across the country by making solar power a more affordable option!

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New Tax Bill for Commercial Solar Power

As part of the new tax bill, the federal corporate tax rate is reduced from 35 percent to 21 percent. This is the lowest rate in almost 80 years.

In the past, if your business reduced its energy expenses by installing a solar power system, it would become more profitable, thereby increasing its tax liability. However, the new reduction in the corporate tax rate makes commercial solar installations more financially beneficial than ever before!

Depreciate Your Solar Power System

The change in depreciation essentially doubles the amount of bonus depreciation that you can claim on your commercial solar installation. Previously, a business could only depreciate 50% of the value of the new solar system in the first year and the remaining 50% over the next five years.

Under the new plan, the bonus depreciation amount was increased to 100 percent. This means your business can deduct the entire cost of the system in the first year it is installed. This boosts the return on investment (ROI) of a commercial solar power system and greatly increases the value of your solar power project.

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Invest in Your Business with Solar

We can install a commercial solar power system that will provide huge energy savings for your business. With the new tax plan changes, a commercial energy system is more affordable and beneficial than ever before. Learn more about our commercial solar installations here.

When you choose Star Solar Specialists for your commercial solar power installation, we will help you get the greatest value from your system. We will make sure you get the maximum amount in commercial solar power tax incentives!

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Solar Power Benefits Everyone

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