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We are experts in solar power installations servicing Southern Indiana and North Central Kentucky


We are a locally owned and operated, professionally licensed solar power installation company with over 25 years of experience in the solar power industry. 

What We Do

Residential Solar Power

We provide residential ground-mount and roof-mount solar power installations for homes of all sizes.

Commercial Solar Power

We also provide commercial installations for any size business, from small offices to large warehouses.

Years Experience in solar

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Who we are

Peter Nudd

Peter Nudd


Peter has been in the environmental engineering industry for over 45 years. He co-founded South-Facing Ltd., a multi-million dollar UK-based company that installed 1000’s of kilowatts (kW) of solar panels on residential, commercial, and government properties. Peter was instrumental in installing the largest rooftop solar installation in the UK, placing close to 2,600 solar panels on one roof that produced 600kW of electricity.

Peter moved to the United States in 2015 and started Star Solar Specialists to bring affordable solar energy options to Kentuckiana.

Kelly Ann Mullen

Kelly Ann Mullen


Kelly Ann is our business and project manager. She brings over 20 years experience as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Kelly Ann is dedicated to educating others about the benefits of solar energy. She is determined to help our customers get the best value and investment in a solar power system.

Erin Brennan

Erin Brennan


Erin serves as a consultant and provides technical, policy, and scientific support. Her background is in environmental science, education, and policy.

Erin manages the website, marketing and advertising, science communication, and content creation. She shares information about renewable energy, solar power, energy policy, and solar tax incentives with the goal of increasing the uptake of residential and commercial solar power. 

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Benefits of Solar

Solar power has never been so readily available or affordable. There are many benefits to investing in a solar power system.

Residential Installations

You can lower or even completely eliminate your home electricity bill with a home solar power system. Ask us about 0% financing! 

Commercial Installations

Solar power can make running your business more efficient and affordable. There are many tax incentives for commercial solar installations. 

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