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Kelly Ann Mullen

Kelly Ann Mullen


Kelly Ann opened Star Solar Specialists in 2015. She is our business manager and oversees sales, purchasing, and inventory control. She brings over 30 years of management and
entrepreneurial experience and has contributed to numerous initiatives that focused on the development and implementation of improved business practices and procedures.

Kelly Ann is dedicated to educating others about the benefits of solar energy. She is determined to help our customers get the best value and investment in a solar power system.

Kelly Ann can be reached by calling 812-913-0867 or by email at info@starsolarspecialists.com

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Benefits of Solar

Solar power has never been so readily available or affordable. There are many benefits to investing in a solar power system.

Residential Installations

You can lower or even completely eliminate your home electricity bill with a home solar power system. Ask us about 0% financing! 

Commercial Installations

Solar power can make running your business more efficient and affordable. There are many tax incentives for commercial solar installations.